Summer Intersession FAQ’s

1.   What is Summer Intersession?

Summer Intersession is an affordable summer program offered to children in grades Pre-K through 5th. The program typically runs 4 weeks and is located at 3 of the local elementary schools.

There is an AM session and a PM session.  Children can participate in one or both. MOST children participate in the AM session. The PM session is more daycare oriented.

In order to conduct all programs offered by this Committee, we need to rely on registration fees to pay for all expenses. Programming is not funded by budgetary resources provided by the municipalities of Flemington and Raritan Township.

The Recreation Committee has always prided itself as being a very responsibility custodian of taxpayers’ money and will continue to do so while providing quality, safe programs.

2.   Who supervises the sites?

Each site is supervised by an experienced adult/teacher. Counselors are college or high school students (who typically have worked or have participated with Intersession in the past) and are studying early childhood education. Junior counselors are volunteers who have completed 6th grade or are 14 years of age.

3.   What types of activities are done at Intersession?

The program is held RAIN or SHINE. Most activities are OUTDOORS and include water games, large and small group cooperative activities, arts and crafts and board games. On rainy days, programs are held in the gym or cafeteria. Activities are designed to be non-sequential and are typically completed within one day.

4.   How are children placed in groups?

Groups are established based on grade completed previous school year. See application for details regarding friendship requests.

5.   How can my child become a junior counselor?

Junior counselors are volunteers who help groups in the AM session. Counselors must be 14 years old or have completed 6th grade. See application on the Raritan Township Recreation web site.

6.   Can junior counselors attend the PM session?

Yes. However, you need to fill out a registration form with payment and indicate that your child is a junior counselor in the morning session!

7.   My child is 14 years old and would like to apply for a paying Counselor job, but they have not volunteered previously?

All job offers to 14-year-olds are made by Kim Creighton and go to children that have previously volunteered in our program.

8.   I have a 16-year-old (or older) that would like to apply for a paying Counselor job…

We have a limited number of jobs available, which typically go to previous participants. Based on counselors that do not return, positions may open up. To be considered, please forward a resume to

9.   My child misses the cut-off to attend the Regular INTERSESSION program VS. the FUN at FOUR by only a few weeks. They are entering kindergarten in the fall – what do I do?

These requests are handled individually. Please email us and we will consider each situation.

10.  What happens if I miss mail in-registration deadline?

You must register on-site at the location at any of the sites.  Registration opens open the first full week of the program. No registration is excepted during the first week due to the number of familes arriving and needing direction.

11.   We are going on vacation in the middle of intersession. Will the fee be pro-rated?

No.  Registration must be paid in full and regardless of any missed days.

12.  Will I receive a letter confirming attendance to the program?

Once you send in your registration, consider your child accepted!

13. What is the tax id number?

Tax ID is 22-6002957